Some Things About Twisted Cheri

I sold my first drawing in the sixth grade for $5. I was born for this. I would have given it away for free, I love art that much. I still have my purple binder from middle school that is full of sketches. I use to pass the book around to all my classmates for them to purchase a drawing.

Twisted Cheri™ began with drawings that I sketched years ago but never added any color or details to. They were just regular pencil and paper art stuffed away in a closet. After going through them and making the decision to bring them to life, I realized I needed a logo.

I was working as a web developer with an out-dated phone book company and I started to doodle. I came up with this cherry that looked twisted. Along with my name and people mistakenly pronouncing my name as Cherry, low and behold Twisted Cheri™ was born.

On the other end of this great journey of mine, I also decided to become a natural. Meaning, I was on a budget so I chopped my hair off or did the BIG CHOP. That was about four years ago and I love this journey. I have incorporated some hair styles into my art and I think that makes them unique as well.

Now for some shout-outs. Thanks to my father, who reminds me that a computer will never hold a candle to pencil and paper. My ma, who thinks bigger than me and constantly has ideas. My niece who has been my muse on a few projects. My oddly like-minded friend Adreana, who had me drag all my art out of the closet and begin drawing again. To my MANY friends and family that support me, not only because you think I work for free, but because you think my work is awesome as well. I’m not gonna name every single person, but understand that everyone has had an impact. Even if it was just a phone call, text or voicemail that I never listen to. Thanks!!